Liverpool FC Record vs Everton

Liverpool FC Head to Head
See all previous matches' details in all competitions - from 1892 to 2023.*
* Usually updated after every match
13 Oct 1894Everton v LiverpoolL3-0League Division One
17 Nov 1894Liverpool v EvertonD2-2League Division One
03 Oct 1896Everton v LiverpoolL2-1League Division One
21 Nov 1896Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
25 Sep 1897Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
16 Oct 1897Everton v LiverpoolL3-0League Division One
24 Sep 1898Everton v LiverpoolW1-2League Division One
21 Jan 1899Liverpool v EvertonW2-0League Division One
23 Sep 1899Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
20 Jan 1900Everton v LiverpoolL3-1League Division One
22 Sep 1900Everton v LiverpoolD1-1League Division One
19 Jan 1901Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
14 Sep 1901Liverpool v EvertonD2-2League Division One
11 Jan 1902Everton v LiverpoolL4-0League Division One
25 Jan 1902Liverpool v EvertonD2-2FA Cup
30 Jan 1902Everton v LiverpoolW0-2FA Cup
27 Sep 1902Everton v LiverpoolL3-1League Division One
10 Apr 1903Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
10 Oct 1903Liverpool v EvertonD2-2League Division One
01 Apr 1904Everton v LiverpoolL5-2League Division One
04 Feb 1905Liverpool v EvertonD1-1FA Cup
08 Feb 1905Everton v LiverpoolL2-1FA Cup
30 Sep 1905Everton v LiverpoolL4-2League Division One
31 Mar 1906Everton v LiverpoolL2-0FA Cup
13 Apr 1906Liverpool v EvertonD1-1League Division One
29 Sep 1906Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
29 Mar 1907Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
05 Oct 1907Everton v LiverpoolW2-4League Division One
17 Apr 1908Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
03 Oct 1908Liverpool v EvertonL0-1League Division One
09 Apr 1909Everton v LiverpoolL5-0League Division One
02 Oct 1909Everton v LiverpoolW2-3League Division One
12 Feb 1910Liverpool v EvertonL0-1League Division One
01 Oct 1910Liverpool v EvertonL0-2League Division One
27 Dec 1910Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Division One
04 Feb 1911Everton v LiverpoolL2-1FA Cup
16 Sep 1911Everton v LiverpoolL2-1League Division One
20 Jan 1912Liverpool v EvertonL1-3League Division One
05 Oct 1912Liverpool v EvertonL0-2League Division One
08 Feb 1913Everton v LiverpoolW0-2League Division One
20 Sep 1913Everton v LiverpoolW1-2League Division One
17 Jan 1914Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
03 Oct 1914Liverpool v EvertonL0-5League Division One
06 Feb 1915Everton v LiverpoolW1-3League Division One
27 Nov 1915Liverpool v EvertonW4-1Principal Tournament
26 Feb 1916Everton v LiverpoolW0-1Principal Tournament
01 Apr 1916Everton v LiverpoolL1-0Subsidiary Tournament (South)
21 Apr 1916Liverpool v EvertonW5-2Subsidiary Tournament (South)
02 Dec 1916Liverpool v EvertonW2-1Principal Tournament
17 Mar 1917Everton v LiverpoolD2-2Principal Tournament
07 Apr 1917Everton v LiverpoolL4-0Subsidiary Tournament
21 Apr 1917Liverpool v EvertonL0-5Subsidiary Tournament
29 Sep 1917Everton v LiverpoolD2-2Principal Tournament
06 Oct 1917Liverpool v EvertonW6-0Principal Tournament
01 Jan 1918Liverpool v EvertonW4-1Subsidiary Tournament
29 Mar 1918Everton v LiverpoolL3-2Subsidiary Tournament
05 Oct 1918Liverpool v EvertonL2-4Principal Tournament
12 Oct 1918Everton v LiverpoolL4-2Principal Tournament
01 Jan 1919Everton v LiverpoolW1-2Subsidiary Tournament (Section D)
18 Apr 1919Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Subsidiary Tournament (Section D)
20 Dec 1919Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
27 Dec 1919Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
23 Oct 1920Liverpool v EvertonW1-0League Division One
30 Oct 1920Everton v LiverpoolW0-3League Division One
05 Nov 1921Everton v LiverpoolD1-1League Division One
12 Nov 1921Liverpool v EvertonD1-1League Division One
07 Oct 1922Liverpool v EvertonW5-1League Division One
14 Oct 1922Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Division One
06 Oct 1923Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
13 Oct 1923Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
04 Oct 1924Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Division One
07 Feb 1925Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
26 Sep 1925Liverpool v EvertonW5-1League Division One
06 Feb 1926Everton v LiverpoolD3-3League Division One
25 Sep 1926Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
12 Feb 1927Liverpool v EvertonW1-0League Division One
15 Oct 1927Everton v LiverpoolD1-1League Division One
25 Feb 1928Liverpool v EvertonD3-3League Division One
29 Sep 1928Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
09 Feb 1929Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
07 Sep 1929Liverpool v EvertonL0-3League Division One
04 Jan 1930Everton v LiverpoolD3-3League Division One
19 Sep 1931Liverpool v EvertonL1-3League Division One
09 Jan 1932Everton v LiverpoolW1-2FA Cup
30 Jan 1932Everton v LiverpoolL2-1League Division One
01 Oct 1932Everton v LiverpoolL3-1League Division One
11 Feb 1933Liverpool v EvertonW7-4League Division One
30 Sep 1933Liverpool v EvertonW3-2League Division One
10 Feb 1934Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
15 Sep 1934Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
20 Mar 1935Liverpool v EvertonW2-1League Division One
07 Sep 1935Liverpool v EvertonW6-0League Division One
04 Jan 1936Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
19 Sep 1936Everton v LiverpoolL2-0League Division One
23 Jan 1937Liverpool v EvertonW3-2League Division One
02 Oct 1937Liverpool v EvertonL1-2League Division One
16 Feb 1938Everton v LiverpoolW1-3League Division One
01 Oct 1938Everton v LiverpoolL2-1League Division One
04 Feb 1939Liverpool v EvertonL0-3League Division One
02 Dec 1939Liverpool v EvertonD2-2West Region War League
30 Mar 1940Everton v LiverpoolW1-3West Region War League
25 Dec 1940Liverpool v EvertonW3-1North Region War League
04 Jan 1941Liverpool v EvertonL1-2North Region War League
11 Jan 1941Everton v LiverpoolL4-1North Region War League
08 Feb 1941Liverpool v EvertonL1-3North Region War League
31 May 1941Liverpool v EvertonD2-2North Region War League
02 Jun 1941Everton v LiverpoolL3-1North Region War League
25 Oct 1941Liverpool v EvertonW3-2North Region War League
01 Nov 1941Everton v LiverpoolL5-3North Region War League
11 Apr 1942Liverpool v EvertonL0-2North Region War League (Second Championship)
18 Apr 1942Everton v LiverpoolW0-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
30 May 1942Liverpool v EvertonW4-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
12 Sep 1942Liverpool v EvertonW1-0North Region War League
19 Sep 1942Everton v LiverpoolD4-4North Region War League
09 Jan 1943Everton v LiverpoolW1-3North Region War League (Second Championship)
16 Jan 1943Liverpool v EvertonW2-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
26 Apr 1943Liverpool v EvertonW4-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
09 Oct 1943Everton v LiverpoolW4-6North Region War League
16 Oct 1943Liverpool v EvertonW5-2North Region War League
22 Jan 1944Liverpool v EvertonL1-4North Region War League (Second Championship)
29 Jan 1944Everton v LiverpoolW2-3North Region War League (Second Championship)
10 Apr 1944Everton v LiverpoolL3-0North Region War League (Second Championship)
15 Apr 1944Liverpool v EvertonW3-0North Region War League (Second Championship)
22 Apr 1944Liverpool v EvertonW4-2North Region War League (Second Championship)
21 Oct 1944Everton v LiverpoolW0-2North Region War League
28 Oct 1944Liverpool v EvertonD0-0North Region War League
26 Dec 1944Everton v LiverpoolD2-2North Region War League (Second Championship)
03 Feb 1945Everton v LiverpoolL4-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
10 Feb 1945Liverpool v EvertonW3-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
24 Mar 1945Liverpool v EvertonW1-0North Region War League (Second Championship)
31 Mar 1945Everton v LiverpoolW0-1North Region War League (Second Championship)
02 Apr 1945Liverpool v EvertonL1-3North Region War League (Second Championship)
12 Sep 1945Liverpool v EvertonW2-1North Region War League
29 Dec 1945Everton v LiverpoolD2-2North Region War League
21 Sep 1946Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
29 Jan 1947Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
27 Sep 1947Everton v LiverpoolW0-3League Division One
21 Apr 1948Liverpool v EvertonW4-0League Division One
18 Sep 1948Everton v LiverpoolD1-1League Division One
05 Feb 1949Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
27 Aug 1949Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
24 Dec 1949Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
25 Mar 1950Liverpool v EvertonW2-0FA Cup
16 Sep 1950Everton v LiverpoolW1-3League Division One
20 Jan 1951Liverpool v EvertonL0-2League Division One
29 Jan 1955Everton v LiverpoolW0-4FA Cup
22 Sep 1962Everton v LiverpoolD2-2League Division One
08 Apr 1963Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
28 Sep 1963Liverpool v EvertonW2-1League Division One
08 Feb 1964Everton v LiverpoolL3-1League Division One
19 Sep 1964Liverpool v EvertonL0-4League Division One
12 Apr 1965Everton v LiverpoolL2-1League Division One
25 Sep 1965Liverpool v EvertonW5-0League Division One
19 Mar 1966Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
13 Aug 1966Everton v LiverpoolW0-1FA Charity Shield
27 Aug 1966Everton v LiverpoolL3-1League Division One
31 Dec 1966Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
11 Mar 1967Everton v LiverpoolL1-0FA Cup
23 Sep 1967Liverpool v EvertonW1-0League Division One
03 Feb 1968Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
27 Aug 1968Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
08 Oct 1968Liverpool v EvertonD1-1League Division One
06 Dec 1969Everton v LiverpoolW0-3League Division One
21 Mar 1970Liverpool v EvertonL0-2League Division One
21 Nov 1970Liverpool v EvertonW3-2League Division One
20 Feb 1971Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
27 Mar 1971Everton v LiverpoolW1-2FA Cup
13 Nov 1971Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
04 Mar 1972Liverpool v EvertonW4-0League Division One
07 Oct 1972Liverpool v EvertonW1-0League Division One
03 Mar 1973Everton v LiverpoolW0-2League Division One
08 Dec 1973Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Division One
20 Apr 1974Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
16 Nov 1974Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
22 Feb 1975Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
27 Sep 1975Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
03 Apr 1976Liverpool v EvertonW1-0League Division One
16 Oct 1976Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
22 Mar 1977Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
23 Apr 1977Everton v LiverpoolD2-2FA Cup
27 Apr 1977Everton v LiverpoolW0-3FA Cup
22 Oct 1977Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
05 Apr 1978Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Division One
28 Oct 1978Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
13 Mar 1979Liverpool v EvertonD1-1League Division One
20 Oct 1979Liverpool v EvertonD2-2League Division One
01 Mar 1980Everton v LiverpoolW1-2League Division One
18 Oct 1980Everton v LiverpoolD2-2League Division One
24 Jan 1981Everton v LiverpoolL2-1FA Cup
21 Mar 1981Liverpool v EvertonW1-0League Division One
07 Nov 1981Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
27 Mar 1982Everton v LiverpoolW1-3League Division One
06 Nov 1982Everton v LiverpoolW0-5League Division One
19 Mar 1983Liverpool v EvertonD0-0League Division One
06 Nov 1983Liverpool v EvertonW3-0League Division One
03 Mar 1984Everton v LiverpoolD1-1League Division One
25 Mar 1984Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Cup
28 Mar 1984Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Cup
18 Aug 1984Everton v LiverpoolL1-0FA Charity Shield
20 Oct 1984Liverpool v EvertonL0-1League Division One
23 May 1985Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
21 Sep 1985Everton v LiverpoolW2-3League Division One
22 Feb 1986Liverpool v EvertonL0-2League Division One
10 May 1986Liverpool v EvertonW3-1FA Cup
16 Aug 1986Everton v LiverpoolD1-1FA Charity Shield
16 Sep 1986Liverpool v EvertonW3-1Screen Sports Super Cup
30 Sep 1986Everton v LiverpoolW1-4Screen Sports Super Cup
23 Nov 1986Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
21 Jan 1987Everton v LiverpoolW0-1League Cup
25 Apr 1987Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
28 Oct 1987Liverpool v EvertonL0-1League Cup
01 Nov 1987Liverpool v EvertonW2-0League Division One
21 Feb 1988Everton v LiverpoolW0-1FA Cup
20 Mar 1988Everton v LiverpoolL1-0League Division One
11 Dec 1988Liverpool v EvertonD1-1League Division One
03 May 1989Everton v LiverpoolD0-0League Division One
20 May 1989Liverpool v EvertonW3-2FA Cup
23 Sep 1989Everton v LiverpoolW1-3League Division One
03 Feb 1990Liverpool v EvertonW2-1League Division One
22 Sep 1990Everton v LiverpoolW2-3League Division One
09 Feb 1991Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
17 Feb 1991Liverpool v EvertonD0-0FA Cup
20 Feb 1991Everton v LiverpoolD4-4FA Cup
27 Feb 1991Everton v LiverpoolL1-0FA Cup
31 Aug 1991Liverpool v EvertonW3-1League Division One
28 Dec 1991Everton v LiverpoolD1-1League Division One
07 Dec 1992Everton v LiverpoolL2-1Premier League
20 Mar 1993Liverpool v EvertonW1-0Premier League
18 Sep 1993Everton v LiverpoolL2-0Premier League
13 Mar 1994Liverpool v EvertonW2-1Premier League
21 Nov 1994Everton v LiverpoolL2-0Premier League
24 Jan 1995Liverpool v EvertonD0-0Premier League
18 Nov 1995Liverpool v EvertonL1-2Premier League
16 Apr 1996Everton v LiverpoolD1-1Premier League
20 Nov 1996Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Premier League
16 Apr 1997Everton v LiverpoolD1-1Premier League
18 Oct 1997Everton v LiverpoolL2-0Premier League
23 Feb 1998Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Premier League
17 Oct 1998Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
03 Apr 1999Liverpool v EvertonW3-2Premier League
27 Sep 1999Liverpool v EvertonL0-1Premier League
21 Apr 2000Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
29 Oct 2000Liverpool v EvertonW3-1Premier League
16 Apr 2001Everton v LiverpoolW2-3Premier League
15 Sep 2001Everton v LiverpoolW1-3Premier League
23 Feb 2002Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Premier League
22 Dec 2002Liverpool v EvertonD0-0Premier League
19 Apr 2003Everton v LiverpoolW1-2Premier League
30 Aug 2003Everton v LiverpoolW0-3Premier League
31 Jan 2004Liverpool v EvertonD0-0Premier League
11 Dec 2004Everton v LiverpoolL1-0Premier League
20 Mar 2005Liverpool v EvertonW2-1Premier League
28 Dec 2005Everton v LiverpoolW1-3Premier League
25 Mar 2006Liverpool v EvertonW3-1Premier League
09 Sep 2006Everton v LiverpoolL3-0Premier League
03 Feb 2007Liverpool v EvertonD0-0Premier League
20 Oct 2007Everton v LiverpoolW1-2Premier League
30 Mar 2008Liverpool v EvertonW1-0Premier League
27 Sep 2008Everton v LiverpoolW0-2Premier League
19 Jan 2009Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Premier League
25 Jan 2009Liverpool v EvertonD1-1FA Cup
04 Feb 2009Everton v LiverpoolL1-0FA Cup
29 Nov 2009Everton v LiverpoolW0-2Premier League
06 Feb 2010Liverpool v EvertonW1-0Premier League
17 Oct 2010Everton v LiverpoolL2-0Premier League
16 Jan 2011Liverpool v EvertonD2-2Premier League
01 Oct 2011Everton v LiverpoolW0-2Premier League
13 Mar 2012Liverpool v EvertonW3-0Premier League
14 Apr 2012Everton v LiverpoolW1-2FA Cup
28 Oct 2012Everton v LiverpoolD2-2Premier League
05 May 2013Liverpool v EvertonD0-0Premier League
23 Nov 2013Everton v LiverpoolD3-3Premier League
28 Jan 2014Liverpool v EvertonW4-0Premier League
27 Sep 2014Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Premier League
07 Feb 2015Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
04 Oct 2015Everton v LiverpoolD1-1Premier League
20 Apr 2016Liverpool v EvertonW4-0Premier League
19 Dec 2016Everton v LiverpoolW0-1Premier League
01 Apr 2017Liverpool v EvertonW3-1Premier League
10 Dec 2017Liverpool v EvertonD1-1Premier League
05 Jan 2018Liverpool v EvertonW2-1FA Cup
07 Apr 2018Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
02 Dec 2018Liverpool v EvertonW1-0Premier League
03 Mar 2019Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
04 Dec 2019Liverpool v EvertonW5-2Premier League
05 Jan 2020Liverpool v EvertonW1-0FA Cup
21 Jun 2020Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
17 Oct 2020Everton v LiverpoolD2-2Premier League
20 Feb 2021Liverpool v EvertonL0-2Premier League
01 Dec 2021Everton v LiverpoolW1-4Premier League
24 Apr 2022Liverpool v EvertonW2-0Premier League
03 Sep 2022Everton v LiverpoolD0-0Premier League
13 Feb 2023Liverpool v EvertonW2-0Premier League
21 0ct 2023Liverpool v EvertonW2-0Premier League
24 AprEverton v LiverpoolL2-0Premier League
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