Liverpool FC Record vs Real Madrid

Liverpool FC Head to Head
See all previous matches' details in all competitions - from 1892 to 2023.*
* Usually updated after every match
27 May 1981Real Madrid v LiverpoolW0-1European Cup
25 Feb 2009Real Madrid v LiverpoolW0-1UEFA Champions League
10 Mar 2009Liverpool v Real MadridW4-0UEFA Champions League
22 Oct 2014Liverpool v Real MadridL0-3UEFA Champions League
04 Nov 2014Real Madrid v LiverpoolL1-0UEFA Champions League
26 May 2018Liverpool v Real MadridL1-3UEFA Champions League
06 Apr 2021Real Madrid v LiverpoolL3-1UEFA Champions League
14 Apr 2021Liverpool v Real MadridD0-0UEFA Champions League
28 May 2022Liverpool v Real MadridL0-1UEFA Champions League
21 Feb 2023Liverpool v Real MadridL2-5UEFA Champions League
15 Mar 2023Real Madrid v LiverpoolL1-0UEFA Champions League
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