Summary of Jürgen Klopp's Pre-Match Press Conference vs LASK

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30th November 2023

Liverpool can claim the top spot in their group on November 30th when they face LASK at Anfield. Jürgen Klopp met with the media ahead of the match and discussed what kind of effort he expects out of his club, living up to the high standards fans have come to expect, and the recent play of Kostas Tsimikas.

A Grueling Stretch

The match vs. is the first in what is a long span of games for the Reds. In fact, Liverpool has 11 games in just over a month's time.

“We are in the beginning of the most intense period of the whole season, that's how it is. We play now Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday – that's super-tough,” he said. “LASK are playing a really good season. They have a good way, they look well set up and these kind of things – and we respect that, we always did.”

Since LASK are in such good form, Klopp is asking a little extra out of the Liverpool supporters attending the match.

“What we have to make [the most] of, is an atmosphere. So if people are here then we have to make sure this is a European night. That's what I expect us to do, a European night, a proper European night at , really going for it,” Klopp said. “ And if Anfield wants to do that as well, that would be massively helpful.”

Keeping The Standards High

Sometimes, the Europa League is viewed as a lesser competition, but Klopp says Liverpool will not treat it that way, giving 100 percent every time they step on the pitch.

“Yeah, we have to,” Klopp said. “We don't make decisions because of a lesser-important competition or whatever, we don't have that, we just want to go for it. But in this busy time we need all the boys available and now we already have a lot not available. We don't speak [about it] anymore because it's already a long time but Thiago and Robbo are out, and now Diogo and Ali. That's massive and it would be great if nothing else would happen but it's unlikely, so we have to make sure we really share the intensity between the group.”

Tsimikas In Good Form

is often overlooked in comparison to the other household names on the Liverpool roster, but the Greek is quietly putting together a solid season.

“He  needed obviously rhythm as well, it's not that he was now flying since he came into the team but he knows that himself and it's very important for a player who was waiting that long for a run of games, stuff like this, then you think just because you have the run of games, now it will work out,” Klopp said. “But he improved now, the last two games were really good. The game before the international break, , you could see how big the change was after he set up the goal, he was involved in Diogo's goal as well and, yes, was much more stable as well. And we all know if he is stable then he can produce some beautiful things, especially crosses, set-pieces and all these kind of things, we need that. So, yeah, really, really happy.”

LFC Globe Verdict

This is The first time I have ever heard Klopp ask for more support during a presser and honestly, it was a bit jarring. Maybe he senses the team is a bit flat after a hard-fought draw vs Manchester City and needs extra help to close out the group, I did like that Kostas Tsimikas, one of my favourite players, received some well-deserved praise from the boss.

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