Recap and Analysis of Jürgen Klopp's Pre-Match Press Conference vs Spurs (with Video)

28th April 2023

Being greedy is not normally a desirable trait, but Jürgen Klopp says that is just what the Reds need to be in their upcoming match against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, April 30, in his press conference. He addressed preparing for the Spurs, the club finding consistency near the end of the season and the .

A Test From Tottenham

Klopp says the Spurs showed great fight by scoring two goals in the 2nd half to with Manchester United.

“In general, I think the mentality boost, whatever, that's clear that it will come, and the second half last night helped definitely,” Klopp said. “This game could have gone either way – they could have lost it in the first half but they could have won it in the second half. I think most of the players who will play against us played in that game as well, so that's what we prepare for.”

Consistency Finally Coming?

After beating West Ham United 2-1, the Reds are now on a season-best three-match winning streak inside the Premier League. While Klopp says 3 games does not equal consistency, but it is a good start.

“For me, winning three is not consistent. It's good but can only be the start of something. It's about consistency you show in performances, even more than in results. I know in the outside world it's the result but, for us obviously, it must be the performance because that's what we work with. I'm happy with that in the moment because in all the games, as different as they were, I saw a lot of things we want to see in the games and that's then really good. That's really pleasing for the coach inside – that these things are still possible. Yeah, that's good.”

We Take What We Can Get

While there is some debate as to whether qualifying for the Europa League would be beneficial for Liverpool, Klopp shares his own thoughts.

“We take what we get, that's how it is. It's not that we started the season and said if we qualify for the Europa League it would be fantastic but the season taught us a few things. And that's absolutely fine. If it's Europa League then it's Europa League, absolutely fine. For what we qualify is not for me so interesting. I want to create a basis that we qualify for the best possible scenario pretty much, so squeeze everything out.” 

LFC Globe Verdict

I love Klopp's answers in this press conference. He speaks to the high standards that Liverpool have while at the same time, he admits that when those high expectations are not met, it's ok to be happy about the possibility of Europa qualification considering the circumstances of this season. Klopp is a realist. He just wants the club to play their best possible football. That's all anybody can really ask for.

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