Jurgen Klopp pre-match press conference – Liverpool vs. Watford (Video)

Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaking to the media - his Reds side face Watford at Anfield on Saturday.

spoke at his pre-match press conference ahead of Liverpool’s Premier League game against at Anfield on Saturday.

The press conference followed the Champions League draw earlier in the day, with Klopp fuming about next month’s Merseyside derby against being switched to a Saturday lunchtime kick off, in between the two legs against .

“We play 7.45pm on Wednesday night and then 12.30pm on Saturday,” Klopp told reporters.

“That extra five hours means the world in terms of recovery – why not have it at 3pm, rather than after breakfast?

“Other leagues [reschedule] the entire game for another time to help their teams prepare; we play three days later.

“It’s not too cool, we have to go the hard way.”

Watch the full press conference in its entirety above.

Jurgen Klopp


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