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Hey Jude, funniest teammates and Alonso or Gerrard - Thiago answers LFC fans' questions

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12th January 2021
Image: Liverpool FC via LFC TV

Liverpool summer arrival answered a range of questions from supporters in the latest video released by Liverpool FC.

The Spaniard spoke to LFC TV as he revealed all in an all-encompassing get-to-know video by the club.

The midfielder gave an insight into his upbringing, with his football-playing dad and volleyball-playing mum having a clear influence on his decision to pursue a football career.

offered his thoughts on the city of Liverpool, where he's visited, trying Scouse dishes and his favourite Beatles song.

That, along with questions about who'd rather have played with - Steven Gerrard or Xabi Alonso, his five-a-side team and his funniest and closest teammates at Anfield.

Watch the video in its entirety above, via Liverpool FC on Twitter, or read below for a full transcript of everything had to say.

What’s your favourite place you’ve visited in Liverpool?

Before the COVID situation, I tired to walk around the city. I went on the docks and Anfield, the surroundings of the stadium, there was an amazing atmosphere there, what I feel before a game will be awesome.

Yeah, it’s an amazing city, very similar to my hometown, so I’m looking forward to ending this situation we’re living in now so I can enjoy the city.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

Anything related to sport, because my dad was a football player, my mum was a volleyball player, so it was an easy choice to be involved in sport.

If you had to pick either Xabi Alonso or Steven Gerrard to partner you in midfield, who would you pick and why?

Wow. Well, the midfield is so big, I can pick both. We can play with three midfielders. They were legends here at this club, they were legends in football, so I have massive respect for the story of Steven Gerrard in this club, he changed the club as well. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

And with Xabi, Xabi was a friend, a teammate and a teacher for me while we were playing together at Bayern and in the national team. I like him a lot and respect him as a player, as a person and now as a coach. They were machines. They were amazing football players.

Xabi Alonso

Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Who was your inspiration growing up?

So, definitely my father. He was a football player and he was my mirror in that time. For me, it was not so important what I saw on the pitch, but I had the luck to see the behaviour of a football player off the pitch. How many hours he sleeps, how he has to eat, so it was a kind of example for me.

What were your thoughts after playing Liverpool in the Champions League with ?

We were facing a great team and in all the areas they were strong: defending, attacking. But yeah, when we got in the stadium it was amazing before the game to hear the chants, and also to hear the Champions League anthem, you just get motivated for the game. It was an amazing feeling.

Who would play alongside you in your dream five-a-side team?

I always say that, more than the best players, I will always choose the best chemistry and the best friends I have in football, like my brother Rafinha; Rodrigo Moreno, who plays in Leeds; Jonathan dos Santos, who’s with LA Galaxy in the USA; David de Gea, goalkeeper for Man United; and myself, I think I think that’s the five-a-side I would choose, the only problem is somebody has to defend, but that’s okay.

Have you tried a dish of Scouse yet? if not you should during the winter now.

When we have time with the family, my children love to be in the kitchen with us and try to do a new dishes so why not? I’ve learned a new dish from Munich and I will learn a Scouse dish, 100 per cent.

On his reaction to his song…

It’s unbelievable. I guess surprised, I was surprised how fast… It’s very funny. the video is amazing. How fast the people could first of all create the lyric and, second, the picture, the video… It was very fast! I remember I was flying from Munich to get to Liverpool and I saw the video and said, "Wow! I didn’t even land yet and I have this!" So, yeah, looking forward to when the stadium is full with people again and we can hear that song as well for sure.


Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

How much are you looking forward to seeing a full Anfield chanting your name?

First of all, I want to hear a goal from Liverpool, first of all I want to hear the famous chanting of Liverpool fans, and then, if things are going good, the play, they like me and I like them for sure, then I would love to hear that. But first of all let’s hear the Liverpool songs and when we score also, that emotion with the fans. For me, that’s more important than a personal one.

Which retired midfielder would you have loved to play alongside?

I have already played with Xabi Alonso, and I can tick this box and say, "OK, I’ve played with him." And why not with Steven Gerrard, a legend? He was a midfield player. If I played alongside him, for me it would be a way to learn more football for sure.

What’s your favourite movie or series of all time?

I would say some classical thing like Gladiator. The night before a game you try to get motivated with it, and comedies and actions… I don’t know, it depends on your mood on the day, but I think great movies. I was a big fan of Breaking Bad, Friends as well - it’s a classic one, amazing. Entourage, when I was 18 I started to watch it, it was pretty funny as well.

What was the first football kit you ever had and did it have a name on the back?

My first kit was from the team of my dad, which was Valencia. We had it there in Spain, I remember perfectly waiting the kit and we didn’t want to take it off to sleep - it was amazing. We had some really good moments in that kit.

Can you pick one of your tattoos and explain its meaning?

Yeah, for sure, it’s very personal but in the end it’s very public. We wear football shirts and they are short-sleeved. The most significant one is the picture of me, I was one year old and for me it means the football passion that I had since I was a kid, since I was a baby. I had that picture from my whole life and it means a lot to me.

Southampton vs Liverpool Highlights

Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Is it acceptable to have pineapple on pizza?

It’s acceptable to have everything in a dish. But for me, no, I don’t lik epineappe on pizza. And I’m the guy that loves to mix sweet and salty things.

Who’s the funniest teammate in the squad?

100 per cent Robbo, . He’s a very funny guy, a very natural person, everyone loves him and I think he’s a great teammate. as well, I know him from the national team, he’s from the south of Spain and the people there are amazing.

Sadio, it seems like there’s not a bad day for him and he’s there all the time with a smile and we appreciate it always. , he’s a beloved human and a great person, and always, as I say with Sadio, positive thinking, and he’s there for you as well.

100 per cent, what can I say, I think it’s a not-so-private confession. From the guys, yes, because how they react between you, but the coach, you know already how he is, he’s a fun guy as well.

The question every fan is desperate to know, what’s your favourite Beatles song?

Wow. I was in love with a British song, but Hey Jude I think was the best I head from The Beatles. First of all because my dad used to listed to a lot of these songs as well, English music. Also it reminds me a lot of football, because when I was young, Hey Jude was on the channel before the football programme started, and I always linked this song with football, I don’t know why. *sings Hey Judge* That one is a great one, yeah. Amazing.

Thanks for your questions, I really enjoyed it and hope you have learned a bit more from me. Thanks, guys.

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