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6th November 2018
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Jurgen Klopp and spoke to reporters ahead of Liverpool's Group C fixture against on Tuesday evening.

The Reds are in for a manic atmosphere in Serbia, with Red Star supporters known to be hostile to their opponents, as found out on match-day 1.

When asked what might prove to be difficult for the Reds, Klopp replied: “The combination of atmosphere and football they play.

“I said it after the first game, I saw it in that game – we were really good that night and if we would have been a little bit less good then immediately Red Star would have been in the game.

“But, that night, we were really strong and that was good. We have to be very strong tomorrow again, football-wise.

LFC News

LFC News | Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“Atmosphere… we are from Liverpool so we know how big the influence can be. The only way I know to cool the atmosphere down is playing really good football. That's what we have to try; to be ready for a fight and ready for a big game.

“We will be ready, that's the only thing I can make sure of. Then the boys have to do the job on the pitch, of course.

“We are not the most experienced team in the world in this part of the game but in the last three years we had two years with long, long journeys. We were twice in a final; that means we are really used to difficult atmospheres and difficult situations.

“That's what we have to be again tomorrow and then let's do what we are best in – playing football – and try to the game.”

Meanwhile, Robertson - who is expected to start at left-back, says his teammates need to use the atmosphere to their advantage, rather than letting it affect their performances.

LFC News

LFC News | Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“We're expecting another special atmosphere, of course,” said Robertson.

“We've seen videos of the fans and it's a special stadium but we've got the experience of playing in these stadiums before and we've just got to focus on the game in hand.

“I think in the game at (a 4-0 win) we scored at the right times and we were at 100 per cent.

“I think they're a different beast when they're at and I think they proved that against Napoli, obviously, getting a .

“They'll be hoping to use that to their advantage but we know if we play at 100 percent again then we believe we've got the qualities to get the three points that we need and hopefully quieten the crowd.

“We need to use it to our advantage. Walking down that tunnel with the noise, the lads have got to use it to their advantage and not let it affect us. I'm sure we'll do that.”

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