Watch: Jurgen Klopp's pre-match press conference - Liverpool vs Chelsea

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21st July 2020

Jurgen Klopp spoke to reporters from Melwood as he looked ahead to Liverpool' final game of the season against on Wednesday.

As expected, the reporters' focus was predominantly on Liverpool's impending title lift after the game, with the stage all set on the Kop.

But the challenge for Klopp's side will be to balance their emotions during the game, with a tough Chelsea side looking to consolidate their position in the top four by spoiling the party at .

While the Reds are already confirmed champions, they still have a chance of going the entire season unbeaten at Anfield - a record which Klopp admits his side will "go for." However, he admits it's a tough task to play against opponents who are still fighting to reach their targets.

Klopp said: “We know it already for a few weeks [that] this is an absolute challenge - being champion and then playing in this league against the teams who fight for so much, with the quality they have and the targets they have still to go for - but this is now especially difficult.

“Other teams, I thought about how it was when I won something before and it was always a challenge... but it's football and the boys like and love doing what they do, and so far I am completely fine with the attitude we showed and stuff like this.

“That's all good and I expect a good game from us and unfortunately a good game from Chelsea as well, and in the end we will see what happens exactly.

“It's not the easiest game I ever prepared with a team, to be honest, because there are two things tomorrow night. Usually, I don't have to think about something else apart from the football game, which helps me a lot because I can really be focused.

“I will try that and I know the boys will try that as well. In the end, we only can when we are at 100 per cent and we will see if that's possible tomorrow night.

“We have to go for something as well, it's not that we only are there and wait until the party starts. We have to save a record, a home record, stuff like this [so] for us as well there are some targets.

“Again, we have to see, how we do always, how we deal with it. I'm very positive that these boys will put a proper performance out there on the pitch but if it's enough, we have to show tomorrow night.”

Klopp admitted his emotions got the better of him on the night Liverpool were named champions. However this time, he insists he will "try to be prepared for it."

"I don't know yet obviously but I try to be prepared for it, kind of. It's, for me, really difficult, it's quite a challenge," Klopp said.

"There's a football game, a very important football game, before that but I cannot and don't want to ignore that after that football game, whatever happens, there will be a trophy lift tomorrow night.

"The boys worked so hard for it and everybody in this club worked so hard for it, so in the stadium, it should be as good as anyhow possible. I will not disturb that, for sure not. I will be in best spirits.

"On a professional basis, it's 100 per cent one of the greatest days of my life, 100 per cent, to finally get our hands on this trophy, [which] everybody was waiting so long for.

"I think two or three years ago, nobody thought it would be possible for us, especially with all the challenges we faced and the challenges we have and the competitors we have.

"I will be proud, I think, of the boys and all that we did together in this club. It's a milestone, 100 per cent, and as such we should see it.

"It's an important day, a very important day, but not the last very important day for us. But we will be in a very good spirit, 100 per cent."

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