Mohamed Salah on 40 Liverpool goals, golden boot and Champions League glory

Shai Khullar
16th April 2018
Mohamed Salah

has been in sensational form during his debut season at the club, scoring his 40th goal of the campaign this weekend.

Liverpool's no. 11 has reportedly been asked for media interviews after every game, usually modestly turning down requests with the words “next time!". However, he promised to share his views if he reached 40 goals for the season.

The Egyptian winger did just that after hitting the target against this weekend - and Salah was true to his word.

Salah, who has an incredible 30 goals for the season, outlined his ambition to break a Liverpool record, what has helped him during his first season at the club and why glory is all he is thinking about.

Mo, what does it mean to get to 40 goals?

You know, it means a lot. But even in the end I said it… I try to score every game; to help the team. To get the points. That is the most important thing for us – that we play as a team, we play as 11 players. So each goal for me – or for anyone else – is to try to help the team.

Liverpool FC via Getty Images

You have got to 40 goals quicker than any player in Liverpool's history…

It's a great feeling. Of course, it's a great feeling. But you know I said in the end I am happy to score, happy to help the team, that's it.

The record for most goals in a season is 47 from Ian Rush in 1983-84. Is it possible to break that in the time you have left?

You know, it's also very close. It's just seven goals. But let's see! It's still – I don't know how many games there is to go – but we have the Premier League and semi-finals of the Champions League to play. I will try my best to score again and help the team.

How much is winning the Premier League Golden Boot in your thoughts?

Of course, it is in my mind. I cannot lie – it is in my mind. But, you know, you can see today with the team everyone tries to pass the ball to me to help me.

I am also sure that Tottenham's players try to help and also 's try to help Sergio Aguero. It's like that, but in the end we play as a team.

Golden Boot Race

Mo Salah - Liverpool - 30 goals
Harry Kane - Tottenham - 25 goals
Sergio Aguero - Man City - 21 goals
- Man City, Jamie Vardy - - 17 goals

Mohamed Salah



Have you been asking the players to pass it to you more?

Yes! They pass the ball anyway. I am happy to have this feeling, you know? You feel they want to support you and want to help you to score goals. That's a good feeling.

You tweeted last week after Harry Kane was credited with the goal at Stoke; what did you think about that decision?

(Starts laughing) I don't want to say anything about that! In the end, they said it's his goal so it's finished for me. Now we still have four games and they (Tottenham) have five or six games so I have to think about my games and we see.

You have reached a level of form that nobody anticipated. What is it about Liverpool, the way things are around the club, that has made you settle and why you feel so comfortable?

You know you can see it with Bobby Firmino (too)… he scores a lot of goals this season. It's also a different season for him. I think the way we play, it gives us more chances to score. The way we play helps us a lot to be in front of the goal all the time. So that's the way we play, it helps us a lot.

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah scores in the second-leg vs Manchester City at the Etihad to help Liverpool seal qualification to the semi-finals of the Champions League (Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Before you go, you could a lot of personal accolades this season or you could win the Champions League. Which would it be if you had one choice?

To win the Champions League! If you had a choice between the Champions League and… (individual honours) then of course the Champions League.

To win the Champions League is… whoosh! (puts his hands in the air) I can't say “Woah!” I have no doubt the Champions League. To win the Champions League is huge for everyone. I don't care about the rest.

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