Jurgen Klopp's post-Manchester United press conference - Video

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11th March 2018

Watch Jurgen Klopp address the media during his post-match press conference following Liverpool's 2-1 defeat to on Saturday.

After the final whistle, the Liverpool boss reflected on the period which proved decisive, the impact of the result on the top-four battle and more.

Klopp, when asked whether the result was 'deserved', said: "When the other team scores twice and you score once then this is the result. I think if in the end it was a , nobody could have a big argument about that.

"In the situations around the two goals, it was not like it should be – you cannot leave a player alone. With Romelu Lukaku, he can the headers sometimes – we did it afterwards [won the headers], but in these two situations we didn't.

"You need to be there, everyone knows that and we trained that of course, around second balls where we had to be – but we were not there. They scored twice and that has a big influence on different things in the game – one team gets a big boost, the other one a big blow.

"We saw that for a few minutes but then we came back minute by minute in the game, put them under pressure, had good moments, good passes in the box, Robbo [getting to the] touchline, set-pieces were pretty much all good, we had headers and didn't use them.

"Second half, we continued to chase the game. We did that and then we scored the goal and it should have been a penalty around Fellaini's situation with Sadio – it was the best piece of football in the whole game, a little one-two between the two and then [Mane] would have been completely free in the box.

"You need that, we didn't have it and now lost 2-1. You can say we deserved it because we were not good around the two situations, but I think in a lot of other moments we caused United a lot of problems.

"We needed more luck in these situations, so that's the result which we have to take."

Watch the full press conference above.

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