Jurgen Klopp outlines Liverpool's final preparations ahead of Real Madrid clash

is pleased with how Liverpool have prepared for the final, as he outlined the Reds' final plans ahead of Saturday's meeting with in Kiev.

Liverpool concluded their domestic season nearly two weeks ago, with a over securing a top-four place in the .

The Reds travelled to Spain two days after that game, as they set up a training camp in Marbella, from which they returned last Saturday. The squad travelled to Kiev on Thursday afternoon as they look to clinch the cup against holders Real.

Reds manager Klopp, speaking to Liverpoolfc.com, said how pleased he was with Liverpool's preparations so far, ahead of their mammoth meeting with the Spanish side.

“It's been very good – very, very, very good as you can imagine,” Klopp said.

“The mood is positive, the attitude is brilliant, the training… it would be crazy if it was not fantastic.

“[We are] very excited in the most positive way; we're really looking forward to it. We've had a few meetings, good sessions, all what we wanted to do. Now, two days left and all good.

“If we'd lost against Brighton, we'd have been fifth and that would have made the first three or four days [of training] really different. But we didn't, thankfully, so from the first day the lads have been in a really good mood – but the Champions League final was far at first, two weeks. I didn't mention it every day and say, ‘Don't forget! Saturday May 26 – the final!'

Liverpool FC

“The first week, we trained but there was not much talking about it [the final]. It was always in our mind and that makes all the difference. You know you have around about 14 days until something really nice happens, or you have 14 days until something not so good happens. We hope something really nice happens, so that's been the constant mood.

“The weather has been really good in Liverpool as well, so it's been a very special week so far.”

The Reds have only a couple more training sessions ahead of kick-off in Kiev to fine-tune their tactics.

“We will do normal things. We trained today already because we thought it made more sense to train at and then fly,” Klopp said.

“The next session will be tomorrow evening. We will have a meeting in the morning, press in the afternoon and then training – so completely normal things. Saturday morning, a little session – the boys like that – and then let's play the game.

“We don't have to talk constantly about it, but we cannot ignore that it's coming. Everything will be special from now on, that's obvious and we don't have to say too much about it. The difference is obvious.

“We are here because of the things we did – and if we win we will win because of the things we will do on the highest level, that's it.

“We can sleep twice and then do everything to try and fulfil the dream.”

Liverpool FC

The manager recalled his last Champions League final in 2013, whilst saying he feels 'zero percent nervous' about the massive occasion on Saturday.

“It feels good, really good. In this moment, I am very excited and 0.0 [per cent] nervous,” he continued.

“I don't know if I was nervous years ago when we were in a similar situation [with Dortmund], I can't remember things like that – but in this moment I am not.

“I am ready, it's a big thing. It is really special, I know that, but in the moment I am only really happy to be here and I really looking forward to it.

“In the end, it's football and we have the big chance to do something really, really, really big and positive that would be remembered. If we lose, nobody would really want to think about it and it would not be remembered.

“So far, it was an outstanding journey and I would love for all the people – for all of the players and all of our fans – if we could bring it to a fantastic end.”

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