Jurgen Klopp on West Ham threat, scoring goals and "finding the right player"

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30th January 2021

Jurgen Klopp spoke to reporters on Friday ahead of Liverpool's clash against at the London Stadium this weekend.

The champions are back in the capital on Sunday afternoon having defeated Tottenham 3-1 in north London in midweek - a welcome result given the Reds' recent run.

Liverpool were without a goal in the for nearly four hours before put them in front from close-range. and Sadio Mane also scored, whilst had a goal disallowed for handball in the build-up.

It was a far better attacking display from the Reds than seen in recent weeks and Klopp urged his side to "build on it" as they face David Moyes' side.

"After the game I mixed it up a little bit when I spoke that the front three scored. It's right but it's not right as well. I forgot for a moment that Mo's goal, which was a really nice goal, was disallowed," Klopp said.

"It's good. The right people scored the goals in the last two games, let me say it like this. It helps really. Trent [Alexander-Arnold] set a goal up and scored one himself, so was really helpful as well.

"We speak a lot about it and spoke a lot about the scoring record in recent times. We knew it, we tried to change it for last night and we could change it.

"Now let's try to build on it."

Meanwhile, West Ham are unbeaten in their last eight games in all competitions, having won their last six on the bounce - form which has seen them march up the table to fifth place, just two points below the Reds.

Thiago & Firmino - Tottenham vs Liverpool

Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Klopp was asked on his thoughts on the opposition, who he was keen to praise alongside former and Man United boss Moyes.

"Great to see something like this is possible. Just obviously a clear idea [that] David Moyes always had," Klopp said.

"[They have] brought in the right players, I think everybody's really impressed about the goal threat of Soucek, that's incredible. Antonio is back. It's just settled now.

"It obviously took a little bit [of time], that's normal as well, and last year they really had to fight hard for staying in the league but now they are longer together and it works out.

"I am really pleased for David, to be honest, because [he had] such a long and successful spell at Everton and then from that moment on maybe the timing was a little bit tricky with and then with all the other clubs it was just like, ‘Is it the right moment?' You have to go there and you have to fix it immediately.

"And now he got the time and he shows again his capability of building successful teams. So we will face them, that's clear. The position in the table is obviously one thing but being third or fourth or whatever in late January is now not exactly what is the most important thing, there are other moments when it is much more important where you stand but of course we didn't start fighting last night.

"We fought a lot in the other games as well but last night was a really important game for us with important aspects and that's the plan - to bring this again on the pitch on Sunday."

With just a few days left of the January transfer window and the Reds having to contend with further defensive woes following injury to Joel Matip in midweek, transfers were also on the agenda during the press conference.

Klopp remained coy on the situation but he insisted the Reds consistently discuss and "work" on the possibility of bringing a new player in.


Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

"So, my thoughts didn't change. My words might have, but that's probably rather because of my English," Klopp said.

"No, same situation as before. We work on this, we don't have always training, we don't have always press conferences, there's time in between and if we don't sleep, we work. That's what we did all the time. We will see."

The boss was pressed on whether it was the club's finances that were stopping a player from being signed or whether the right player isn't available at the moment.

"Can you divide these two things?" Klopp replied.

"So, I'm not sure there's an £80 million centre-back available in the moment so that a club says, ‘OK, we get £80 million for him, we want to sell him now.' I don't think that's the case, to be honest, or pretty much I know.

"This player of this calibre probably, I'm not sure the team want to or would sell them now. No, it's both. Of course we need to find the right player, that's clear, and it needs to suit our financial situation, that's clear as well. No, it's both."

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