Does Liverpool’s season start now?

7th March 2023

You would think that a 7-0 drubbing of your biggest rival would be that one result that would reignite your season, however, I'm more on the cautious side given how inconsistent Liverpool's season has gone so far.

The defeat of , which is their biggest-ever defeat in the , was no doubt a historic that will be talked about for years to come but the question that is now posed is; does Liverpool's season start now?

Liverpool will finish the season strong 

Bar the 5-2 thrashing by the hands of recently, Liverpool have had an impressive run of form.

Four wins in their last five league games with five consecutive clean sheets are the best sequence of results Liverpool have managed this season.

While the performances in the wins against and were not wholly convincing, they were wins nonetheless, and wins are what the team needed desperately.

However, the win against United was something other-worldly.

It was almost like watching the Liverpool of old – strong in defence and devastating in attack.

The return of has done wonders for the backline with no longer completely exposed as he usually has been this season.

The growing chemistry of , , and has been evident with the trio all claiming braces in the game.

With a tough run of fixtures coming up with , and all to play in their next four league games, this is the best result the team could have asked for on their way to a strong challenge for the top four.

Liverpool have more to prove 

It's easy to get caught up in a massive win, granted it's a bigger win than any other Liverpool have managed this season (barring the 9-0 win over ), but level heads must remain.

The hardest stretch of fixtures this season is yet to come this season and Liverpool have not yet proved this season that they can go through a hard run of games and come out better on the other side.

While Liverpool looks set to have a fully fit squad for the first time all season, Liverpool have an opportunity to reclaim a top-four spot but it'll be a massive uptaking for the club.

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