Daniel Sturridge on his love for Liverpool supporters and future ambitions

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3rd October 2018
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has enjoyed a successful start to the 2018/19 campaign as he reflected on his resurgence at .

The 29-year-old has scored four goals so far this season, including one against at Anfield and twice against last week.

Sturridge, whose future at Anfield was uncertain following a couple of years of injuries has impressed following a return from at .

In a wide-ranging interview with Liverpoolfc.com that is well worth the read, Sturridge spoke about his appreciation for Liverpool supporters during both good and bad times at the club.

“I've always appreciated the love they have shown me and the love I get in the city. They don't have to have open arms for anybody,” he said.

“I know this club is passionate and the fans are passionate, I've got so much respect for the club. It's a family club.

“I'm grateful for all the love I've got and I'm just looking forward to the future.”

Sturridge's loan move to West Brom meant the striker was able to spend more time with his family in nearby Birmingham - something he felt was a 'breath of fresh air'.

“I feel it was something I had to do,” he added. “I got to be around my family more than I ever have in my whole career. I went back for the first time in probably more than 10 years and was in the city.

“It was a breath of fresh air. And I learned a lot as well from a football perspective. I enjoyed it so I don't have any regrets about it.”

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Speaking on his future ambitions at Anfield, Sturridge - who has been at Anfield since 2013 - was also keen to highlight his desire to a trophy at the club.

“We want to get over the tipping point where we're able to win something,” he continued.

“That's the goal for us. Once we lift that first trophy, you'd hope that would have a domino effect and we'd be able to win a few more.

“I feel like I'm a winner – I've won stuff in the past. But it's the future now. I want to win something here with Liverpool. We've had opportunities, we've been to a couple of finals since I've been here and weren't able to win. To be able to win a trophy is what would take us to the next level.

“It's one of those where you just have a positive attitude about it, don't put any pressure on winning something or have it in your mind that we have to do this or that.

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Daniel Sturridge celebrates scoring Liverpool's winner against Paris-Saint Germain on Tuesday. Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“When we play with a smile on our face and we work hard and put the opposition under a lot of pressure – stamp our style on them – I believe we can beat anybody on our day.

“We got to the final and the League Cup final [in 2016], last season we did well in the league and the boys got to the final. This season, we're just focusing on trying to take the next step.

“But there's no point in worrying about what we haven't won or what we need to. We've got a great squad, a great manager, the backroom staff are top drawer, the fans are great. What more would players want?”

Read Sturridge's refreshing interview in full on the official website.

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