Who Is Liverpool’s Biggest Threat In The Europa League?

21st November 2023

Let's be honest, not many Liverpool fans are exactly enthused about the club's participation in the this season but nevertheless, we are in it and should be targeting to the entire competition.

Liverpool are by far the best team in the competition and that's even contemplating the sides that may drop down to the tournament by finishing third in their UEFA groups.

While Liverpool may be used to playing high competitions thanks to their six straight years of Champions League qualification, they must not take the Europa League for granted as there are quite a few banana skins for the club to slip on if they're not careful.

Who is Liverpool's biggest threat in the Europa League?

Brighton And Hove Albion

Believe it or not, Liverpool's biggest rival in the European tournament is a fellow team.

While historically good teams like Bayer Leverkusen, Villarreal and Roma are in the tournament, Brighton are no doubt one of the top emerging teams in the Premier League.

Having finished sixth last season, a Premier League-best finish, they have lost Moisés Caicedo to and to Liverpool but you wouldn't guess it if you watched them this season.

They've made an extremely strong start with three wins out of four with a 3-1 win over Champions League side, Newcastle, on their record.

However, a campaign with Europe is a test Brighton havn't come across yet and it will be interesting how they navigate just how difficult it is to balance a league campaign with a European one.

Borussia Dortmund (From The Champions League)

Liverpool will also come across teams who finish third in their Champions League group at the end of the Europa League .

Several top teams are bound to drop down and I believe Borussia Dortmund will prove to be the most difficult test of them all.

A team that has qualified for Europe consistently over a decade, even having reached a Champions League final in 2013 under , the German club's European credentials are something to be respected.

While it was a strong start to their league campaign, with six wins in their opening eight games, they've gone on to lose their last two games, however, there is much of the season left to play for last season's Bundesliga runner-ups.

With a whole host of teams rivalling Liverpool in the Europa League, who do you think will prove to be their biggest threat?

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