What to do with Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defensive performances?

10th April 2023

It's no doubt that has been perhaps the best full-back of the last five years.

Alongside , the 24-year-old has been an influential aspect of Liverpool's success that has culminated in a title, UEFA trophy, and a whole host of domestic honours.

The Englishman's attacking talents are second to none but throughout his career, his defensive attributes have been questioned.

Today, we look at what to do with Trent Alexander-Arnold's recent defensive performances.

Continue to have faith in him

Alexander-Arnold's defensive performances this season have certainly been part of Liverpool's downfall this season which has seen them fall to 8th in the Premier League Table.

Liverpool's defensive record this season in all competitions has been concerning, to say the least.

The club have conceded 33 goals in just 28 games this season in the Premier League and 53 goals in all competitions.

Compared to last season, Liverpool conceded just 26 goals in 38 games in the league and 48 goals in all competitions, five goals less than what Liverpool have achieved this season.

While the likes of , and Andy Robertson have certainly not performed to the level Liverpool fans have been accustomed to this season, Alexander-Arnold has been shocking at times.

It's easy to forget the successes Liverpool have had with the right-back and the brilliant defensive performances he's had against the likes of Neymar and Leroy Sane during his career.

It's been a difficult season for most Liverpool players and singling out Alexander-Arnold is certainly harsh considering his importance to how the side plays.

Liverpool have more issues to deal with rather than looking for a replacement at full-back.

Move him into the midfield

Glaring mistakes against , , and this season have brought eyes to Alexander-Arnold's defensive ability with questions being asked about his future in the role.

A move into midfield has been much talked about for Alexander-Arnold considering that was his natural position in the Liverpool academy.

His engine and passing ability have certainly added fuel to the fire that a position change could occur during his career at Liverpool.

The defensive inabilities that he deals with and the quality of opposition he faces in the Premier League have brought the question back again on whether should delve into the transfer market for a new right-back and move Alexander-Arnold into the right central midfield role. A role that Liverpool are lacking an effective player.

It's an interesting conversation to have with Liverpool's lack of quality in midfield and the number of goals they concede from the right-hand side. 

Should Trent Alexander-Arnold make a move to midfield?

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