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18th October 2019

Jurgen Klopp urged his side to "fight for every yard" ahead of Liverpool's trip to to face .

The Reds are back in action after the break as they look to continue their flawless start to the 2019/20 season.

Klopp's side will be looking for a record eighteenth consecutive Premier League , a run that started at the back-end of last season.

When asked how much he relishes games against the traditional top six, Klopp told reporters: "A lot, a lot! The salt in the soup, eh?! It's really great.

"I think we said similar things a couple of times before in a press conference that you would love to prepare with a full week or two weeks or whatever, now we have that international break and for both teams the same situation.

"The players from the international duties came back all healthy which is very, very important. Now we had three or four days with the full squad to prepare it, which is a little bit [more] comfortable at least than two days.

"But no, I love it. The talk in the press conference is so loud so for you obviously it's exciting as well. All the things around, the stats, the information… in the end we have to play football. We will fight, 100 per cent, but we have to play football as well and we can do that.

"That's all I am concerned about, what I want to see is this kind of mix between outstanding attitude and really brave football so that's what we have to try.

"But with all the things you wrote or said about them in the last few weeks, they don't have any influence on that game. It just makes them more desperate to change the situation and they will try that 100 per cent, but we will try to improve our situation and we will see who wants it more."

Man United vs Liverpool Highlights

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United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claimed the visit of the Reds is the "perfect game" for his side to bounce back from their recent woeful form.

Klopp was questioned by reporters on his thoughts on the United boss' words, saying: “History in this case is not really important but it gives you for sure a little sign because we like to create and use atmosphere in our stadium, in , which is incredibly helpful, but Old Trafford is not too bad as well in that department so I'm sure they are all on their toes already, they wait for us.

"They said we are the perfect opponent. These are all things you can see like this, of course, but you don't have to see. I don't think there are a lot of teams who would love to play us in the moment, it looks like Man United is the only one who wants to play us and we have to make sure it's a misunderstanding.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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"It's just normal, I would do exactly the same if the situation would be the other way around: ‘This is the game we can change the world.' That's how I would prepare it so why shouldn't Ole do that? I can see that but this history, our stats, I have absolutely nothing to do with that."

Klopp remained coy about his squad's fitness, despite Alisson, , Joel Matip and all being involved in training after shrugging off their respective injuries.

Asked how his squad is shaping up, Klopp said: “Better – how good, we have to see, that's the truth.

"There are two more sessions to come from this afternoon and we have to see. Then we'll make decisions, that's how it is. Nothing is fixed.

"The players on international duty all came back healthy, which is very, very important. So we now had three or four days with the full squad to prepare it, which is a little bit comfortable at least."

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