Watch: Jurgen Klopp’s pre-match press conference - Liverpool vs Arsenal

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23rd August 2019
Liverpool vs Arsenal

Jurgen Klopp urged his Liverpool side to be brave as they face Unai Emery's side in the .

The Reds face the Gunners at on Saturday afternoon as they look to earn their third consecutive victory at the start of the Premier League season.

The two sides have seen this fixture littered with goals in past seasons, however, Klopp has insisted he doesn't expect the same on this occasion.

“I wouldn't expect it, to be honest,” he said.

“Both teams are probably offensive-orientated at least, but I have no clue about the result. Arsenal can and will probably change at least two key positions: probably [Nicolas] Pepe will start, which doesn't make them weaker, and [Granit] Xhaka probably, and they can still make other changes.

“It happened a lot to us in the last few months or maybe years that you make an analysis, especially in the early stages [of the season], and then you see against us they play completely differently – playing build-up against everybody and not against us. I'm not saying Arsenal will be like this, but it makes analysis quite tricky, especially in the early stages of the season, where we are now.

“I know what they did in the first two games, I know what they did last year against us, but I don't know more. We have to make a couple of decisions, which makes us kind of independent of what they do, so we try and each result which gives us three points I'm happy with.

“I don't care about how often we score, it's not the moment for thinking about that. I don't think Arsenal are doing it like that.

“If you look at their team and how they set up, pretty much each line-up [has] good football players in all positions and real speed up front. Wow, real speed. That makes it tricky to defend it all the time.

“We have to be brave, have to play your own football, you have to try to keep possession, you have to be direct. There are a lot of things to do and consider, against a very strong opponent. That's why I'm really looking forward to it.

“It's the early part of the season but these games will come up anyway. Now it's pretty early and we have to show we are ready again.”

The boss delivered an update on goalkeeper Alisson and midfielder Naby Keita, conforming the duo are out of this weekend's fixture.

Neither are expected back soon - with the club happy to reassess their fitness after the September break.

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