Watch: Jurgen Klopp on demands and dreams at LFC

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21st February 2018

Jurgen Klopp spoke to LFC TV about his side's current state, his first two and a half years at Liverpool and swapping places with Bill Shankly.

The German manager spoke on a range of subjects during the training camp in Marbella last week and Klopp reflected on the progress made under his leadership during the past two-and-a-half years.

The former Dortmund man opened up on the responsibility and expectations that come with taking the job and the history of the club.

Asked what makes Liverpool so special, Klopp replies: “It's the history.

“If you ask me which time I'd want to go [back to] I would have loved to go to Bill Shankly's time for a few days, to see how it was and feel how it made the club.

“This whole region is obviously completely football-mad. Having such a fantastic football team that creates dreams and stories – life is all about dreams and stories – I know is so important for all the people in the region. And I know it's like this all over the world. This club stands for family, hard work and dreams.

“I love the feeling the club gives to so many people around the world. They appreciate what we are doing.

“It's really nice when we play a game at and you know they are all watching, even when the other channel has v PSG! The Liverpool people all watched it – and that you can then deliver a performance like that is so cool.”

on progress, expectation and seeing Shankly's work.

This video is no longer available.

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