Watch: Joe Gomez on pressure at Anfield and learning from Van Dijk

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1st November 2018
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has spoken about the pressure at and level of expectations from supporters, insisting it is vital at a club of Liverpool's size.

Gomez has been part of an impressive back-line for the Reds this season, seeing them concede just four goals in 10 games so far.

His partnership with fellow centre-back has been one of the brightest sparks from the Reds' early days.

Speaking to LFC TV, the former Charlton man explained how he tries to match the level expected of him as a Liverpool defender playing at Anfield.

"Every week you have to be at a consistently good level just to match the level that is expected by the supporters. I think that's what sets my standards so high," he said.

"It needs to be that way to get to where we need to get to. Sometimes it takes longer to get a result; you might have to score later. But you feel it [the pressure], especially at Anfield.

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LFC News / Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

"That's the way it is though, it works vice-versa. When we do well, we feel the energy from the crowd and it helps us so it's just the way it's meant to be at a club like this.

"Last season set a marker where we want to be year in year out. It's unfortunate we didn't get it [] in May but this season winning it is another aim, as well as the Premier League.

"That's what we want to achieve year in year out."

The defender was joined by LFC Later regular Jason McAteer, who jokingly asked Gomez, "What's happened, you've become the best centre-back in the world overnight?".

The 21-year-old explained how the 'process' of joining a new club at 18 can be daunting, but says he is learning everyday - including from Van Dijk, who joined the Reds in January this year.

"I mean, I'm just enjoying playing. I'm just learning. I'm still young obviously, I've got a lot to learn - I'm far from the finished article," he said.

"Obviously when you're young - I was only 18 when I came to the club - it's a lot to take in. It's a massive club.

"Even just moving itself, it's the start of a new process. Obviously last season I had some experience of Premier League football. I played a few more games than I had the season before.

"So it's just learning. I've still got a lot more to learn. Obviously Virg [van Dijk] is someone I've been able to learn a lot from since he's come in.

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Gomez has struck up a successful partnership with Virgil van Dijk and goalkeeper Alisson at the heart of Liverpool's defence / Image: Liverpool FC/Getty Images

"I think it's just about being given the opportunity."

The Reds take on at the Emirates on Saturday and Gomez says he and his teammates are looking forward to the game.

"The vibe's obviously good," he added. "All the lads are looking forward to every game and obviously we've had an intense schedule so the games are coming thick and fast.

"That's what we enjoy, game after game, getting the chance to perform every week.

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