Recap of Jürgen Klopp’s Post-Match Press Conference vs. Toulouse

11th November 2023

In his post-match press conference, discussed what went wrong for Liverpool in their 3-2 defeat to Toulouse in what was their first in the this season.

Liverpool were frankly not at the races in the game and were put to shame by the Ligue 1 side for almost the entirety of the match. The Liverpool boss admitted that the side deserved the victory as they move within two points of Liverpool who still top Group E.

“We were not aggressive enough,” Klopp said. “They won all the battles. We gave the ball so easily. We could have and should have created more. You cannot concede three goals. They fought harder and they deserved it.”

Klopp lamented his side's inability to challenges during the game as they found themselves physically dominated by Toulouse who very well could have scored more than three goals during the game.

“If you don't win your challenges, you have no chance in football,” he stated. Liverpool were 1-0 down at half-time and Klopp responded by bringing on , and but the trio didn't change much on the field as Liverpool continued to find difficulty in creating chances as well as stopping Toulouse on the counter-attack.

Klopp added: “We can be a good team, but without winning defensive challenges, nope.” 

Klopp was noticeably angered during the post-match press conference as celebrations of the Toulouse players could be heard as the Liverpool boss sarcastically asked whose idea was it to place the press conference near the dressing room of the Toulouse players.

Klopp's players have a lot to prove ahead of their next game on Sunday when they host in a game they need to show their heart and their dedication.

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