Re-live the top five craziest matches under Jurgen Klopp (Video)

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17th January 2018

Jurgen Klopp has been Liverpool boss for a little over 2 years, here's a look back at five of the craziest matches under the German manager.

When Liverpool signed the former Dortmund manager, he was famously quoted as saying his style of football is best described as "heavy metal".

He said: "I like heavy metal. I always want it loud. I want to have this 'boom!' I like fighting football, not serenity football."

His game is based on speed, emotion and excitement. That goes right down to the tactics. Klopp is neither a Pep Guardiola nor a José Mourinho. He favours a flexible, high speed approach over tactical rigidity.

It's fair to say Liverpool fans have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during several matches since Klopp's arrival, with many late goals, comebacks and tense moments.

Scroll below and enjoy the top five games Liverpool have had under Jurgen Klopp so far.

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