Liverpool’s dominance over Bournemouth

11th March 2023

Most teams in the have a bogey team.

For a long time, Stoke used to be that team for , nowadays Brighton seems to be that team for .

Almost undoubtedly so, Liverpool is certainly that team for .

Record-breaking defeat

Despite the terrible losses the south-coast side has suffered to Liverpool in the past, things took a new low earlier this season.

In the first month of the season, Liverpool had yet to in their opening three fixtures as they welcomed Bournemouth at .

Many expected a victory for Liverpool to open their account for the season but I doubt many thought an absolute mauling would occur.

It was 2-0 in the first six minutes thanks to and Harvey Elliot.

It was 4-0 by the 31st minute thanks to further goals from and .

It was 6-0 by the 46th minute due to a goal and an unfortunate own goal by Chris Mepham.

I could go on all day but the final score was a joint record 9-0 victory for Liverpool, which matched the biggest defeat in Premier League history.

A historic day for the Reds and an embarrassing one for the Cherries.

Bournemouth have scored just one goal in their last seven fixtures against Liverpool, spanning back to 2017.

They've lost 4-0 and 3-0 twice each with their only goal coming in a 2-1 at .

Current season troubles for both sides

Both teams have gone through adversity this season, albeit in different situations.

Liverpool have failed to challenge for the title they almost won last season and have spent most of the season outside of the top four, trying to find a way to claw their way in.

On the other hand, ahead of their return to the Premier League in , Bournemouth have struggled, winning just five games, a joint record-low this season, as they stay rooted to the bottom of the table.

A win for Liverpool on Saturday will place them in the top four, overtaking in fourth, while a win for Bournemouth will lift them out of the bottom three and into 17th, should results go their way.

You can always rely on goals being scored in this fixture, just unfortunately for Bournemouth, it always seems to be Liverpool hitting the back of the net.

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