Liverpool throw-in coach full of praise for Joe Gomez's improvement

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21st November 2018
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Liverpool throw-in coach Thomas Grønnemark has explained why he thinks Joe Gomez is so effective.

Jurgen Klopp appointed Grønnemark, who is the record holder for the world's longest throw-in, on a part-time basis this summer and it hasn't taken long for the Reds' squad to benefit.

Despite not yet directly yielding in a goal for the Reds, it is clear that there is an added dimension to their attacking arsenal.

On Sunday, Gomez's long throw-in in to the Croatian box resulted in a crucial equaliser for England in their Nations League group, seeing them advance to the semi-finals.

Grønnemark explains how he works with all the full-backs at Liverpool, with youngster Gomez impressing the most so far.

"We put most of the players at Liverpool through my training, at first at Melwood and then at the training camp in France, but I’m coaching all the fullbacks," he told Mundial.

"What makes him [Gomez] a good thrower, he had learned most of the things I wanted to teach him about technique very seriously; he’s taken the training seriously.

"You know, you can say that he has good technique now, but we are still trying to improve him even more.

"He’s a good player, he has some fast muscles when he’s running against strikers, he’s very fast but also very flexible.

"With Joe, it’s good technique but also a good physique. He can throw very hard but he can also throw far.

LFC News

Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images

"It’s very difficult to defend against because he can throw very dangerously to the far post. That’s a big area you have to defend.

"Joe’s throw is very dangerous because of the constant threat."

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