Jurgen Klopp features in incredible ‘Liverpool FC: This Means More’ - Video

Shai Khullar
17th April 2018
Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp narrated over a brilliant new Liverpool FC promotional video released by the club on Tuesday.

Klopp explained the uniqueness of Liverpool FC and what sets the Reds apart in incredible fashion.

A highlight reel of different moments in the club's history, including both the “good times” and the “bad times” are shown, from winning leagues and trophies to the the dreaded Crystal Palace game in 2014.

A touching reference is made to Bill Shankly, the Kop and and the fighting spirit of the city of Liverpool.

The manager's full transcript:

"This is , these are our streets, these are our routines, this is our , with sweeping images of Anfield and match-going fans accompanying his words.

"These are our Saturdays, our nights after school, these are our colours, our flags, our pubs, our gates, our mates, our crest, our words, which stand alone.

"This is the man who started it all and this was his favourite place. This is the Kop, where we taught the rest how to sing. This is the pitch where we once watched the King. These are the stairs we walked up hand in hand, and these are the lights that lighten up the dark.

Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City

Image: PA

"These are the good times, and these are the bad times, this is what doubt looks like, this is what heartbreak feels, and this is how you fight back, this is refusing to know when you're down. This is support, this is community, this is solidarity.

"This is how you hold your head up high, when the storm is all around you, this is how you fight for what you believe in and everyone else doubts in you, this is the first time, this is the hundredth time, these are the reasons to look froward to the end of the shift to the end of the week, to the end of the storm.

"This is the team we always adore. For others its sport, for us its a way of life.


"They have a stadium; we have a home. They have songs; we have an anthem. They have a manager; we have a guardian. They have supporters; we are a family.

"We are Liverpool. This means more."

The video has received well over 20,000 retweets and likes on Twitter.

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