What went wrong for Liverpool against Bournemouth?

11th March 2023

This has been a recurring theme all season for Liverpool.

Every positive result the team has achieved this season has quickly been followed up by a damaging .

Two consecutive 1-0 victories over and looked set to be the springboard the team needed to finally get their season on track.

However, two embarrassing losses to Nottingham Forest and followed instead.

Despite a record-breaking victory against last week, Liverpool have faltered once again, falling to , who were rooted at the bottom of the table before their .

The question must be asked, what went wrong for Liverpool against Bournemouth?

Struggles with the high line

Liverpool's high line has been their bread and butter for the last few years.

It's caught out many opponents who've tried their luck going a yard early only to be snuffed out by and the rest of the defence.

However, this season has been a completely different story.

The many different combinations in the defence that Liverpool have had to go through due to injury have affected the chemistry among the backline and resulted in the team leaking goals all season.

Dango Ouattara of Bournemouth was a constant thorn in Liverpool's back all game, as his pace was just too much for and van Dijk to handle.

After beating the offside trap, the winger managed to evade both defenders, breezing past the Dutchman, before putting in a teasing ball into the box which Philip Billing dispatched with ease.

Damaging counter-attacks 

Another feature of football that Liverpool, under , have been notoriously good at – counter-attacks.

Under the German, we've been one of the best counter-attacking teams in the world.

The team's pressing ability and penchant for winning balls through our dogged mentality has allowed us to speed through the pitch with the likes of and stretching defences wide.

However, yet again this season, we've become the team that succumbs to counter-attacks.

The lack of mobility in midfield has hurt the team time and time again with an inability to recover, allowing the opponent to carve through us on the counter.

I mean, what do you expect with a midfield of , Stefan Bajčetić and Harvey Elliot, it's hardly the most athletic midfield three in the world.

The worst thing about the defeat was that it wasn't truly a surprise because it's the type of result Liverpool fans have had to become accustomed to all season long.

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