Liverpool fans and Spanish police clash in fan square ahead of Champions League semi-final

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1st May 2019
Liverpool Fans

Liverpool supporters were met by a major police presence in ahead of Wednesday night's semi-final first-leg.

Thousands of Reds emerged on the streets of Barcelona on Tuesday evening after arriving from flights from Liverpool and London earlier in the day.

Several supporters were at a fan park in Plaça Reial in the city centre as they sang, displayed their banners and enjoyed the Spanish temperatures.

However, the square was cordoned off by police with fans being demanded to move on after 'several incidents' involving supporters in the area.

Some supporters on social media claimed Spanish police "rushed and batoned people for no reason" whilst fans were having a drink in the evening.

Videos surfacing on Twitter showed one Liverpool supporter pushing a man into a fountain unprbooked, whilst another showed a disgraceful fan racially abusing an Asian gentleman.

This is an on-going situation and more updates are expected later on Wednesday morning, with both the club and Catalan police expected to release statements over the events of the evening.

Whilst the majority of Liverpool supporters behave respectfully whilst in Europe, every club has a select few that look to cause trouble.

The local police may have been heavy-handed in their dealing with the incidents, however there is no excusing the behaviour of some of the supporters in the videos shared online.

UPDATE: On Wednesday morning, Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore called on supporters to act "in a manner befitting of LFC".

He tweeted: "We proudly sing that we've conquered all of Europe.

"But let's treat this beautiful city with the respect that it deserves, and act in a manner that is befitting of LFC.

"By all means have a good time, but we are Liverpool, and as such, let's visit here with grace and humility."

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